Permitted development rights for sundry minor operations

Some minor works can be undertaken without planning permission depending on certain criteria.

New access to roads

Constructing access to a road which isn't a trunk/classified road does not require planning permission as long as the access is to a permitted development. However, if it involves putting in a gate, fence or wall there may be restrictions. 

Gates, fences and walls

Construction, maintenance, improvement or the alteration of a gate, fence, wall or other means of enclosure does not require planning permission if:

  • it's not higher than 1 metre above ground level when within 20 metres of a road
  • it's not higher than 2 metres above ground level anywhere else
  • alterations mean it doesn't exceed its previous height or the heights previously mentioned here
  • it doesn't involve development within or surrounding the curtilage of a listed building or dwelling house (covered under  householder developments )

Stone cleaning or painting

Stone cleaning or any application of colour to the exterior of any structure does not require planning permission if:

  • painting does not involve an advertisement, announcement or direction
  • it isn't situated within a conservation area
  • the building's not listed
  • it isn't within the curtilage of a dwelling house or being done to the curtilage itself (covered under  householder developments )
Page last updated: 01/08/2023
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