Preparing for flooding

Flooding can happen suddenly and with little warning. It is important to be prepared for flooding with a plan in place to protect your home, belongings and family.

Flood alerts

Sign up for flood warnings

You can also:

Protecting your property

Property owners are responsible for protecting their property from flooding. We can help with a free flood survey and you may qualify for help to buy flood protection equipment through our Flood Product Subsidy Scheme.

It's a good idea to have a resilience plan as a community, so that neighbours with local knowledge can help each other alongside the emergency services


Having insurance is highly advisable

If you're having problems finding cover try contacting insurance companies directly or through a  broker via the British Insurance Brokers' Association.

Household emergency lifesaving plan

A plan you and your family make for times of emergency means you have information to hand which will be useful during utility outages. Keep the plan in a safe place as part of an emergency pack.

Household emergency lifesaving pack

A household emergency lifesaving pack contains essential equipment and supplies to help you during utility failures. The pack should be prepared in advance and kept safe for future use.

The Scottish Flood Forum

The Scottish Flood Forum offers practical advice and support to property owners affected by or are at risk from flooding.

Page last updated: 06/01/2023
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