Whitesands project - buses, toilets, fairs and public safety

To accommodate the flood defences small changes will be made to some of the facilities along Whitesands while the raised walkway design will enhance the area.

Bus stances

The current bus stands and interchange will be removed during construction of the flood defences. New stands will be built nearby with four shelters installed along the northbound carriageway next to the raised walkway. Southbound services will continue to stop at the top of Whitesands.

Buses that use the bus interchange to turn will use Bank Street, Irish Street and Nith Place instead. Bank Street will be one way into town and have wider pavements for a more pleasant journey to and from the town.

Public toilets

The current toilets will be removed and relocated. The currently identified site is within the D&G Homes car park which is being acquired by the Council as part of the project. This new location will make the toilets much more accessible for bus users, shoppers and visitors.

The space where the existing toilets are located will be transformed into a recreation area with excellent views of the Devorgilla Bridge and riverside.

The Fairs

The construction of the defences along Whitesands means a reduction of the space currently used by the bi- annual Fairs. Discussions are underway with the organisers and the Showman's Guild as the Fair will have to be relocated during the construction of the scheme but will then be accommodated back onto the Whitesands, utilising the D&G Homes site, remaining car parking areas, and possibly the Greensands if additional space is needed.


Page last updated: 07/05/2019
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