Personalisation and self-directed support

If you need social care from us we can provide you with a personalised support plan and individual budget which allows you flexibility and control.

You might need support with:

  • a health condition or disability
  • managing at home, or your money, or with technology
  • getting out and about
  • attending work or college

Charges for services may be subject to a financial assessment .

Contact us if you think you may need some support:

Apply for a support assessment

You can also call  030 33 33 3001.

If it is agreed that you need support you then have 4 flexible options:

Arranging your own support

Option 1 - You can manage the money yourself, or with assistance from others, by taking a direct payment. You can buy services or employ a personal assistant for flexible support in your home.

Option 2 - We can help you manage if you are not confident about directly managing your support. You will still choose the support you want and how it will be provided

Get help to arrange support

Option 3 - You can ask for your support to be arranged by us and provided either directly by us or by someone else on our behalf.

Option 4 - You can have a mix of all the options, allowing you to let us manage some parts of your support, while you control others.

Further information and personal stories

Page last updated: 02/09/2019
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