Conservation areas

There are 36 conservation areas in Dumfries and Galloway which have special architectural or historical interest. National and local policies provide extra controls over development and change in these areas.

The locations and boundaries of the 36 designated conservation areas can be found in our Technical Paper:

Planning constraints

The usual planning controls apply in conservation areas but planning permission is also needed for other changes including (but not limited to):

  • making changes to the exterior of houses such as windows and doors, stone cleaning, rendering, painting and cladding
  • building small extensions or driveways
  • carrying out other works to the roof, including adding roof windows, a TV aerial, satellite dish, solar panels or wind turbines
  • demolishing any part of a building or wall

If you want to carry out any work to a tree in a conservation area  then you must apply for permission at least 6 weeks before starting any work.

Read an outline of how we manage development in conservation areas:

You should always check if your proposal needs permission before starting any work.

Further information

There are character appraisals for some conservation areas which have been written and published as supplementary guidance for the policies of  Local Development Plan .

Each appraisal describes the conservation area, the history of its development and how to keep its special character. The appraisals are used to help make decisions about new proposals and improvements in each conservation area.

Further appraisals will be prepared during the life of the Local Development Plan.

Page last updated: 18/06/2021
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