Help for homeless people

Our Council have a legal duty to help people who are homeless or are at risk of becoming homeless.

We do this by arranging temporary or permanent accommodation if circumstances warrant it and by providing support and advice.

We can help you if:

  • you have nowhere to stay and are sleeping rough
  • you are at fleeing or are at risk of violence and abuse
  • your home is not safe to live in
  • your home is overcrowded
  • you are living with friends or family with no home of your own
  • you are living in a home that is not suitable because of illness or disability
  • you have rent or mortgage arrears
  • you are leaving prison
  • you are leaving local authority care

Housing Options

Housing Options is the information and advice process that we use when you approach us with a housing problem. Housing Options aims to prevent homelessness wherever possible and there has been a fall in homelessness applications since the process was introduced nationally.

Housing Options focuses on your personal circumstances, helping you to explore all options including social and private rented accommodation. It can also provide support for underlying issues that can underpin housing problems such as debt, family breakup and mental health problems. This process means our staff can work with other services to help people before they reach crisis point. Rather than just making a homeless application.

You can find out more about Housing Options in Dumfries and Galloway via .

Visit our Housing Options portal

Get homeless support

Support is available throughout the region. We can assist you with immediate, short term and long-term support by:

  • arranging emergency accommodation if you have nowhere to stay
  • providing you with a support worker who can help organise temporary and permanent accommodation referrals
  • help you manage a tenancy
  • provide debt advice
  • provide benefit advice
  • provide links to education training and employment opportunities
  • provide you with links to other agencies such as domestic abuse and drug or alcohol misuse
  • assist you with any welfare support
  • assist you to settle in to your new home

To arrange support you can call your nearest Homeless office between 9am to 5pm on weekdays at:

  • Annan - 01461 207019
  • Dumfries - 01387 260783
  • Kirkcudbright - 01557 332234
  • Stranraer - 01776 888312

You will be offered an appointment and seen the same day if you are homeless tonight.

Emergency help

Call 01387 273660 or email outside of office hours if you need urgent help to find somewhere to stay tonight.

What happens next

We'll interview you to assess your circumstances and options. We try to arrange interviews as soon as possible, especially if you already have nowhere to stay.

It's easier for us to deal with your application if you can supply evidence, such as:

  • proof of your identity
  • information on your personal circumstances
  • details of your income from working, benefits and pensions
  • information on your children (or proof you are pregnant)
  • documents showing why you're homeless or are at risk

We'll decide if you qualify for accommodation within 28 days, but this may be delayed if we don't have all the information we need. Temporary accommodation is provided in urgent cases.

We'll refer you to  Homes4D&G if we decide you're unintentionally homeless and they'll try to find accommodation for you. You'll be offered temporary accommodation until somewhere more permanent is found.

Other support

Depending on your situation you may also find help and support from other services. You can find out who might help you locally by using find my nearest and choosing 'Housing Support Outreach Services'.

Further Information

  • Download Dumfries and Galloway Council's Icon for pdf Annual Assurance Statement 2018/2019 [PDF - 126.5KB] to the Scottish Housing Regulator.  We have been working closely with the Regulator to improve service areas highlighted in the Local Area Network Local Scrutiny Plan 16/17.  The Council agreed a 5 year Homeless Strategy in June 2018 (below) which incorporates actions to address areas of performance and drive improvements.
  • Dumfries and Galloway Council's Housing Options and Homeless Strategy 2018-23 sets our priorities for tackling homelessness in Dumfries and Galloway.


Page last updated: 13/05/2020
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