Council tax arrears

If you miss a council tax instalment then we'll contact you to arrange payment.

Help making payments

There are a number of options if you are struggling to pay:

Spread the cost of your instalment by Direct Debit - Direct Debit payments can be set up even if you've had a final notice and lost the right to pay by instalments. You must contact us before the final payment date on your letter and you'll only get the remaining number of instalments available in the current financial year.

Check if you're entitled to a discount or exemption - you could qualify for a reduction or exemption in certain situations such as if you're on a low income or disabled.  

Citizens Advice Scotland provide a tool that can help you work out whether you are exempt from having to pay council tax or you are eligible for a discount or reduction in your bill.  

We also have specially trained advisors who can give you confidential benefit and money advice . The team can advise you which benefits you and your family may be eligible for and maximise your income.

Contact us as soon as you realise you're having problems paying.

Reminder notice

You'll receive a letter if you miss your monthly council tax instalment and we'll ask you to pay the outstanding amount within 7 days. If we need to send reminders for two missed payments then you will receive a final notice.

Final notice

You'll get a final notice if you fall behind on instalments. We'll stop instalments and ask for full payment of any money owed plus the amount due for the rest of the financial year.  You won't receive a reminder first if it's your final instalment.

Legal recovery action

If we don't receive payment once we have served a final notice then we can take legal action against you. Everyone named on the bill will get a Summary Warrant and a Sheriff Officer will recover the full amount owed plus 10% and expenses.

A Sheriff Officer may request details to arrest your wages or bank accounts. You must provide this information by law.

You should contact the Sheriff Officer direct if your account's been passed to them. You'll need to make payment arrangements before any recovery account is taken.

Page last updated: 16/07/2019
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