Council tax reductions for people in prison

Your council tax may be reduced if someone from your household is in detention or prison. Prisoners on remand won't get a discount.

People who are in prison can be ignored when we're calculating council tax bills. The following discounts are available when a householder is in prison:

  • 25% discount if the property still has one adult resident
  • 100% exemption if the property is left unoccupied

Apply for a reduction

You'll need to provide information on:

  • the identity of the person in prison
  • details of the property and council tax account
  • evidence from the institution where the person is detained

You can also call 030 33 33 3005 or visit one of our customer service centres .

What happens next

We aim to deal with applications within 14 days of receiving all of the relevant information. Your account will be updated as soon as a decision is made.

Changes in your circumstances

You should always let us know if your circumstances change for any reason.

Page last updated: 20/10/2023
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