Hire mobility scooters in Dumfries

Personal Mobility Vehicles are available to hire and use in Dumfries Town Centre. Residents and visitors with mobility impairments can hire scooters for 2 hours once they have joined the Dumfries Mobility Scooter Scheme.

Join the scheme

The Dumfries Mobility Scooter Service is a free annual membership scheme open to anyone living in or visiting Dumfries and Galloway who is aged 14 and over. You don't have to be registered disabled to use the service.

Sign up for the scheme now:

You'll need to provide ID and proof of address:

  1. Blue Badge, driving licence, bus pass, passport.
  2. Recent utility bill

You must read and agree to service terms and conditions before you are allowed to hire and use the scooters. You will also have to complete some basic training beforehand.

Hire a scooter

It is advisable to book a vehicle in advance to ensure that it is available when required. The office is open Tuesday to Friday 10am - 4pm (except public holidays).

All scooters should be returned to the Midsteeple no later than 3.45pm.

Disabled parking nearby

There's lots of disabled parking close to the Midsteeple for blue badge holders:

  • Queensberry Street - 5 disabled parking spaces
  • Great King Street - 3 disabled parking spaces
  • Munches Street car park - 2 disabled parking spaces
  • Dobie's Wynd - 4 disabled parking spaces
  • Loreburn Street car park - 2 disabled parking spaces
  • Irish Street car park - 4 disabled parking spaces
Page last updated: 28/06/2022
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