Registering a death

You need to register a death in Scotland within 8 days. You can register the death at any registration office in Scotland by making an appointment.

Who can register a death

The death can be registered by:

  • any relative of the deceased person
  • any person present at the death
  • the deceased person's executor or other legal representative
  • the occupier of the property where the person died
  • anyone who knows the information needed to register the death (if no-one else is available)

How to register a death

You should make an appointment to register at one of our registration offices by calling 030 33 33 3000.  The registration will be carried out by a Registrar over the telephone.  There is no need to attend the registration office in person.

You'll need to have the following information to hand for your appointment with the registrar:

  • the medical certificate of cause of death
  • the deceased person's birth certificate
  • the deceased person's marriage certificate (if appropriate)
  • the deceased person's NHS medical card

Some medical certificates are randomly selected for a review and paperwork can't be issued until the review is complete. Reviews can take up to 3 working days.

Death certificates

You get a copy of the abbreviated death certificate free when the death is registered. You can also buy a full certificate for £10 within one month of registering.

Notifying people of a death

We offer a free service to help you give information about a death to different council services and government departments who need to know.

Page last updated: 16/02/2022
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