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A rough guide to the website

How to use this website

Our website is intended to make finding information about services provided by Dumfries and Galloway Council easy and more customer friendly.

This page provides guidance on how the site is structured, how to find your way around and how to get more help if you should need it.


This Scottish Navigation List (SNL) should make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.  It uses simple, customer-facing language and the information can be placed under more than one heading.

The top level navigation has 11 headings - Business and Trade; Community life and leisure; Council and government; Education and learning; Housing; Jobs and Careers; Law and Licensing; Planning and the environment; Social care and health; Tourism and visitor attractions; and Transport and streets - if you click on a heading the second level of the navigation will display on the right-hand side of the page offering further options.

The navigation will only go four levels deep at the most.

The Dumfries and Galloway Council logo that appears in the purple header on each page can be clicked to access a direct link back to the website's home page. Alternatively click on "main home page" in the breadcrumb trail.

Printer-friendly pages

Any pages that you print will be in a special printer-friendly version. A content-only version of the page stripped of our website design (including the principal navigation of the web page); will be printed rather than the full design you see on-screen.

All printed web pages carry the name Dumfries and Galloway Council, plus the website address of the page printed out and our copyright statement. If you use the page in any documentation or report, we would appreciate your retaining this source information, or alternatively ensure that appropriate recognition of the source is documented together with a link to our home page.

Breadcrumb trail

At the top of each page under the purple header on this site (except the home page) a "breadcrumb trail" provides links to all levels of the hierarchy above the current page location.

The breadcrumb trail helps to show the context of the current page and how you get to it from the main navigation. It allows users to interpret the page better and to go directly to a higher level of the site in case a similar page to the current one is wanted.

More Information

Most pages on this website will display "More Information" at the bottom right corner of the page in a grey box. This is used by content providers to add value to their published web pages by highlighting other supplementary web pages on this site that they believe you may find of interest or useful.

External Links

Please note the site contains links to third party Web pages. Dumfries and Galloway Council has no control over and accepts no responsibility or liability for any information that you may receive through such links.

Any links to Third Party Sites are provided solely for the purpose of your convenience. They do not constitute any form of recommendation. We are not responsible for the availability or content of Third Party Sites and will not be a party to, or in any way be responsible for, any transaction concerning goods or services available from such Third Party Sites. Please also note that the right to reproduce any contents of these websites may also be restricted by the terms and conditions of the Third Party Sites.

Site map

The site map can be accessed from the top utilities section at the very bottom of the home page. The site map lists the principal levels of navigation for the whole site. Use the site map if you would like to find out more about how the website is structured.

Search facility

The site search facility will usually provide the easiest, fastest way of locating information on our site. Type in your search phrase and click the "GO" button.

A-Z directory of all services

The A-Z list provides an alphabetical view of the services provided by the council and its partners. The council services link to further information about the topic that are available as web pages on the site.

It also includes references to information which might be offered on a council website but is not covered by a particular council function, such as council housing. The A-Z list includes synonyms to cater for the different ways people think of council services, such as refuse, rubbish or wheelie bins.

You can access the A-Z of council services from the alphabetical grid on the home page.

Access keys

Access keys provide a quick way to navigate around the site without having to use a mouse or other pointing device. Find out more on our access keys page.

Still need help?

Please tell us if you're experiencing difficulties finding your way around the site and need some help. You can either:- 

We will respond to your query as quickly as possible.

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