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The Youthbank is a special bank run by young people to help turn other young people's good ideas into action and is supported by our Council's Youth Issues Unit.

D&G YouthBank


Youthbank UK (now Youthbank Scotland) granted the Youth Issues Unit (now CLD) as licence to operate as Dumfries & Galloway Youthbank in June 2006. Since then, the Youth Issues Unit and young people from the Dumfries and Galloway Youthbank have promoted Youthbank to a range of youth groups, agencies and organisations, as well as supporting groups to make applications.

Absolute Classics Funding Success

A group of young musicians have been successful in receiving funding from D & G Youthbank to produce a marketing campaign that would directly effect young musicians that would be taking part in the International Musicians Platform which is a ten day classical musical festival set in D &G. Several of the young musicians learned what it is like to be interviewed, photographed and published in press campaigns.

Absolute Classics Funding Success

Moffat Ultimate Frisbee Event
Moffat Ultimate Frisbee Event

D & G Youthbank assessors recently attended the Moffat Ultimate Frisbee Event on August 13th to hand over a cheque for £300 which helped purchase the frisbees for each young person who participated in the event.

The event was supported by Moffat Community Group and Moffat Community Learning & Development Team. Ruaridh Edgar, young person representative of the group accepted the cheque and commented "We have had 30+ young people attending the event today, they have received coaching on how to play Ultimate Frisbee and throwing techniques, this event will hopefully increase the awareness of the sport and help young people develop core skills and improve their fitness and sense of well -being"

Lockerbie Junior Pool

Lockerbie Junior Pool
D & G Youthbank were delighted recently to award Lockerbie Junior Pool Club, £750.00 to help them purchase a competition size pool table and set of competition pool balls which will enable the club members to improve their game for National events . The young members hold a variety of club honours from Junior National Singles Champion to National Club U18 Champions 2013 - 2013 . The group have also attended the Junior Championships at Blackpool.

James Murray Scottish U21 Captain of the Club commented" The funding will enable the more able players to concentrate on progressing on a quality table commensurate to their ability level. And free up table time so we can develop a new novice session. "

nERF Youth Group
A Monday night drop in Youth Group, supported by Annan Community Learning & Development team, have recently been funded by D & G Youthbank to the sum of £720.00 to help with purchasing equipment to help them run their Nerf Project during their Summer Activity Programme.

Steven Ballantyne, Group member commented " It's great we've been given this funding for our group to help with our Summer activity programme, we've arranged some Nerf Activities and now we've got the proper safety gear including padded waistcoats and safety goggles, we can enjoy it much more, organising this project has given us new skills in safety measures, looking at terms and conditions of using the equipment and everyone signing these before we use it ."

World War 1 Project
World War 1 Project - Memorial Service

Young people from Langholm Academy and Langholm, Ewes & Westerkirk Community Council, supported by the Community Learning & Development Service, were successful in applying to D & G Youthbank to help fund their Candlelit Memorial Service on 4th August and ongoing activities to commemorate World War One. The funding was used to promote the service, produce memento programmes, provide candles and purchase a commemorative tree and plaque. The latter will be done in conjunction with DG First and the War Memorials Trust.

Emily Beattie, member of the project development group and deputy head girl from Langholm Academy commented "School pupils from Langholm Academy will be reading poems from this time and this will encourage a deeper understanding of life during WW1. The project will raise awareness of the War and remember all those who fought."

Youthbank Leaflets

Good News for Youth Groups & Projects across Dumfries & Galloway

In January 2013, Dumfries & Galloway Youthbank received a huge cash boost from the Holywood Trust. Youthbank, was awarded £30,000 over the next 2 years to help organise a training and team-building residential for the young assessors, promotion of Youthbank and, most importantly, to provide funding for deserving youth groups across the region.

The young people have just received their new Youthbank applications and criteria leaflets and Dumfries & Galloway's Youthbank wants to make sure that as many young people as possible can benefit from this funding so if you are involved in a youth group and have a good idea to help improve your group or would like some funds to help towards setting up a youth group in your area, please contact Tracey Wood, Youthbank Co-ordinator on 01461 207044 (ext 67320) or e-mail Tracey.Wood@dumgal.gov.uk

One of the young people commented "We are really pleased that the Holywood Trust have again agreed to support our Youthbank. This funding will help us to continue to make a difference to a whole range of youth projects across Dumfries & Galloway and also help us recruit more new young people to be trained as assessors - we are really very pleased to receive this funding and the continued support from The Holywood Trust, all we need now are loads of youth projects to apply to us for funding."

The Process

Local groups complete a simple application form - young people must be fully involved in the development of the project including the application.

Receipt of the form in the Youth Co-ordinator office is acknowledged as soon as it arrives. A copy is then sent to the appropriate local worker who discusses it with young Youthbank assessors. A 'site visit' is then arranged where the assessors meet with the applicant group. This is used to find out more about the project and ask questions/raise issues around the application. A recommendation is then made that is discussed with a larger group of young people.

The final decision is made and the group informed. A number of options are open to the assessors - support the application in total, make a partial award, turn down the application and, in a small minority of cases, award more than has been requested. Conditions can also be attached to any grant given. The maximum award at present is £750.

The above process usually takes no longer than eight weeks. A follow up report asking for an update on the impact of the funding, the actual numbers benefiting and the experience of the process is requested six months after the award is made and, in the majority of cases, another site visit takes place at that time.

Youthbank assessors want to make Youthbank more Youth Led, so have decided to open their own D & G Youthbank bank account, draft their own constitution, elect a new Youth Committee and publish a Youthbank protocol, procedure and guidance paper.

The new Youthbank Committee were elected at the recent Youthbank AGM in November 2013, and the following young people were elected as office bearers, Chair - Adam Wilson from Annandale & Eskdale, Vice Chair - Caitlin Mc Dowell from Wigtownshire, Secretary - Grant Lewis from Stewartry and Treasurer - John Rodgers from Nithsdale. Committee members are Abi Wood and Scott Muir - Annandale & Eskdale, Amy Donald and Tarah Malcolmson - Nithsdale, Emma McVean, Kirsten Currie , Kelly Whiteside and Stacey Duff from Wigtownshire. The Committee are working on a publicity and promotion Action Plan along with a Youthbank Improvement plan.

In July 2013 the D & G Youthbank members took part in a two day training residential to Wiston Lodge in Biggar. 12 young people attended from all across D & G and took part in their accredited Introduction to Grant Making Training SCQF Level 5 delivered by Youthbank Scotland staff, as well as some team building activities and an outdoor activity delivered by Wiston Lodge staff.

Residential Wiston Lodge July 2013 Residential Wiston Lodge July 2013 Residential Wiston Lodge July 2013

The 12 young people were awarded their IGMT certificates at their AGM on the 28th November by Holywood Trust Assistant Director Helen Turner.

Youthbank Accreditation Certificates

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