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  • Bulky Uplift
    If you have a larger item which you wish to dispose of, which will not fit in your household bin, you can arrange a bulky uplift (charges apply). The Council provides a bulky uplift service for large household items such as old and unusable furniture including sofas, tables, beds, garage doors, bicycles and mattresses.
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  • Road Closures
    A traffic regulation order is required by any person or organisation who plans to carry out works within the public road boundary, which requires the closure of any public road. Road closure requests can be submitted using an online form.
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  • Renew library books

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  • New bin
    You can use this form to request a new bin.
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  • Bin assistance
    Our Council recognises certain residents may experience difficulty in handling their domestic refuse receptacle and can provide an assisted pull out service to eligible residents.
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