Parental Involvement

The Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement Act) 2006 sets out a framework for supporting parental involvement in the education and engagement of their children and the wider school community.

Education Services has prepared several documents to support parental involvement and engagement including a draft strategy that will be consulted on during 2018.


The purpose of Education Services Parental Involvement and Engagement Strategy is to provide all schools and early years establishments with a coherent and supportive framework through which schools can engage as many parents as possible in the education of their children.

The strategy will also need to respond to "Learning together"Scotland's national action plan on parental involvement, parental engagement, family learning and learning at home. Anticipated timeline is:

  • August to November 2018 Pre-planning and Engagement/Consultation.
  • November to December 2018 Post Consultation feedback and Governance.

Parents will be contacted through their Parent Council, school newsletters, press and social media about involvement opportunities.

Further Information 

A number of documents are being prepared for engagement with parents over the coming months. Final documents and will be shared in this location. Schools and Parent Councils will be notified directly. 

For further information:

Parental Involvement - ask us to look again

We're committed to working with parents and carers to support learning. You can ask us to 'look again' if you're unhappy, concerned or have questions about decisions made around your parental involvement.

Page last updated: 10/09/2018
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