Haaf Net Fishing in Annan

We manage Haaf Net fishing in Annan. Fishing is not permitted from 6pm on Friday until 6am the following Monday.


  • West - from the mouth of the River Annan to the Solway border with England
  • East - from the Altar Stone to Battlehill 


  • Salmon - 1 June until 6pm on Friday 7 September
  • Trout - 1 May until 6pm on Friday 7 September 

Throughout the season, no fishing shall take place from 6pm on Friday until 6am the following Monday.


Applications for 2018 are currently open:

To apply for a licence you need to be 18 years old or over.


Regulations apply. Haaf Net rules and guidelines are provided with licences.


Haaf Net Licence (Salmon) - £41.50 (including VAT)
Haaf Net Licence (Trout only) - £25.00 (including VAT)

Procedure for Allocation of Haaf Net Licences

The Annan Common Good Fund Sub-Committee hold the rights to 47 Haaf Net Licences, 30 of these allow for Salmon and 17 are for Trout only.

Call 030 33 33 3000 or email fishings@dumgal.gov.uk for further information

Page last updated: 12/02/2018
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