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Statement of Licensing Policy

Our region's four Divisional Licensing Boards follow a Statement of Licensing Policy when considering applications for premises (alcohol) licences and other alcohol related matters. A new Statement of Licensing Policy must be agreed and published by November 2018 and we're currently consulting on this document.

Divisional Licensing Boards sit separately from the Council and cover their own geographical areas within Dumfries and Galloway.The four Divisional Licensing Boards are:

  • Annandale and Eskdale Divisional Licensing Board
  • Nithsdale Divisional Licensing Board
  • Stewartry Divisional Licensing Board and
  • Wigtown Divisional Licensing Board

The main purpose of each Divisional Licensing Board is to regulate the sale of alcohol to the public in their area.

Statement of Licensing Policy

The Statement of Licensing Policy sets out terms and contains matters that each Divisional Licensing Board has regard to when considering alcohol licensing matters in their area.

The current Statement of Licensing Policy is divided into sections for each Divisional Licensing Board.

Submit your comments

An informal consultation is now open and will close on Wednesday 27 December. This is your opportunity to contribute to the terms of the new Statement of Licensing Policy, responses can go wider than the matters already contained within the current Statement of Licensing Policy.

You can contribute to the consultation by:

State clearly which Divisional Licensing Board your comments and or input relates to.

What happens next

The results of this informal consultation will be included in a formal consultation that will take place in early 2018.



Page last updated: 20/11/17