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Community asset transfer

Some properties that we no longer need can be an ideal resource for local communities. We've developed a process to transfer assets to community organisations who want to take them over for the benefit of their community.

Many local community groups across our region already successfully run assets which we used to own and manage.

Transfer options can include ownership of a property or lease arrangements so your group can gain confidence and experience managing a property with a view to taking over ownership in the future.

Our asset transfer process is designed to make sure your organisation has fully consulted with the local community and is in a strong position to acquire, take over and run the property.

Organisations must have a clear vision that's supported by the community and shows how the asset would benefit local people. It's also important that you have a sustainable, practical business plan with identified funding. Help is available to help you develop plans, consult with your community and seek funding.

Get in touch

Jamie Ferguson The first step of the process is to have a chat with us about your ideas.

Our asset transfer lead is Jamie Ferguson, email or call 01387 260247 to discuss your plans. Jamie can explain more about the process and give you advice on submitting an application.

We also have local ward workers in your area who can offer you support and guidance.

Express an interest

If you're still interested after an initial discussion then we'd ask you to formally express an interest:

You'll need to provide:

  • contact details
  • information about your organisation
  • details of the asset your community is interested in
  • information on what you want to use asset for
  • details of the benefits of asset transfer for your community

We'll process an application when we receive all the relevant information so it's important to answer all of the questions in the form.

Submit an application

You'll be invited to complete a more detailed Stage 2 application if your initial expression of interest meets our suitability criteria.

You'll need to provide:

  • a copy of your business plan
  • information about your organisation
  • an explanation of your communities needs
  • information on what you want to use asset for
  • details of the benefits of asset transfer for your community
  • financial information

We'll be able to help your with your application and co-ordinate work with other organisations who can offer support or advice.

What happens next

Our team will provide feedback on your business plan and work with you to make any improvements that are needed before it goes to committee. Local members will be asked to provide comments through Area Committees.

The feedback and recommendations from your local Area Committee will then be presented to councillors on the Policy and Resources Committee. These members will make the final decision on whether an asset is transferred to the community and sometimes conditions will be attached to the transfer.

Page last updated: 06/12/16