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Local Development Plan 2

We're now preparing the next Local Development Plan (LDP2). There will be plenty of consultation with key stakeholders throughout this process.

We adopted the current LDP on 29 September 2014 and it's reviewed every five years to keep it up to date. LDP2 should be in place by September 2019.

The process follows five main stages:

  1. Community, land owner, business and partner engagement
  2. Main Issues Report
  3. Proposed Plan
  4. Examination
  5. Adoption

Everyone has an opportunity to contribute and comment in the early stages of the process. It is important to get involved early because there will be limited opportunities for engagement as we examine and adopt the proposed LDP2. 

What we've done

There was a Further Call for Sites and Comments which was an opportunity to submit details of potential development sites to be considered for inclusion in LDP2.

We organised community workshops to to hear your views on where you live and whether the current LDP is working for your community.

We've also consulted on the Main Issues Report and the SEA Environmental Report for Local Development Plan 2. The comments we received during the consultation will be considered when we're preparing the Proposed LDP2 that will be approved by councillors.

Updates and progress

Details on the programme for preparing the LDP and how you can get involved are contained in the Development Plan Scheme which is updated every year.

We also produce a regular e-bulletin with updates on the LDP:

Page last updated: 11/09/17