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Buying a grave plot or lair

A grave plot or lair is usually purchased at the time of interment. However, some burial grounds have a 'lair option' or 'pre-purchase' scheme.

You must prove you have a link to the area to be eligible for a scheme. It allows you to purchase a lair in advance which will be allocated at the time of internment.

Contact us to find out which burial grounds operate a scheme and the cost:

  • Call 030 33 33 3000

You will be purchasing a non-transferable Certificate of the Right of Interment which you will have to renew every 7 years. There's no charge for renewal. You can surrender your certificate at any time and will receive 75% of the purchase price.

Download an application form to purchase a lair in your local area:

You'll need to let us know if your address changes at any time after you've purchased a Certificate of the Right of Interment.

Page last updated: 22/02/16