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Commercial or charity waste collection

Commercial operators and charitable organisations can't use the general kerbside waste collection service and must have a legal contract with a registered waste collection company.

You can register with us or with a private company.

If you are registered with us you can purchase wheeled bins in various sizes, special sacks or stickers. The cost of these includes the collection service and the annual waste transfer note that you legally require.

Register with us

We can't collect hazardous waste such as car batteries, oil, paint, tyres, building rubble and fluorescent tubes. These must be collected and disposed of by specialist contractors.


Bin sizeCommercial collectionRecyclate collectionCharities collectionBuying a bin
Food waste (180 litre)-£3.37£0.86£41.89
55 litre box-£0.83£0.32£11.46
120 litre£2.40£2.28£0.88£44.19
240 litre£4.74£4.50£1.73£58.57
330 litre£6.53£6.18£2.29£124.87
360 litre£7.06£6.48£2.53£133.70
660 litre£12.42£11.77£4.54£309.37
770 litre£14.33£13.59£5.15£320.43
950 litre£17.54£16.63£6.19£342.52
1100 litre£19.94£18.90£6.60£375.67
Blue sacks (10)£23.90-£10.50-
Pink sacks (10)-£22.50£10.50-
Blue stickers (10)£23.90-£10.50-

Arrange collections and pay

The frequency of collections will be arranged with you when we set up the agreement and invoices are issued quarterly in advance. You can pay:

We also provide a bulky uplift service for large items on request and a recycling service for paper/cardboard, cans/plastic bottles and food waste.

Page last updated: 03/04/17