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Supplementary guidance

Supplementary guidance documents provide detailed advice on Local Development Plan policies.

Supplementary guidance documents provide much more detail than it is possible include in the Local Development Plan (LDP) and can be updated without having to wait for a new LDP to be produced.

Statutory Supplementary Guidance

These documents directly relate to a policy in the LDP. They have been through a full consultation process and have been subject to Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). As they are formally adopted as part of the LDP they have the same importance as the plan in the decision making process.

Overarching policies

Economic Development


Historic Environment

Natural Environment

Water Environment

Community Facilities


Settlements Statements and Inset Maps

Non-statutory planning guidance

A number of non-statutory guidance documents support the LDP but have not been formally adopted as part of it. One of the benefits of non-statutory guidance is that it can be updated very quickly.

It can also be prepared if a new issue arises which does not have an appropriate link in the plan to allow the supporting guidance to be statutory.



Natural Environment


Settlement Statements and Inset Maps

Page last updated: 30/08/17