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Civil partnerships in Dumfries and Galloway

You can get legal recognition of a same-sex relationship by forming a civil partnership as an alternative to a marriage. You need contact us and complete paperwork if you are planning to a civil partnership in this region.

A number of documents have to be submitted to one of our registration offices along with the relevant fees payment. This can be done within 3 months of the civil partnership date and no later than 29 days before that date.

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Information required

Both parties will need to provide:

  • a civil partnership notice application (Form CP10)
  • a birth certificate
  • proof of being widowed (if appropriate)
  • proof of a divorce or annulment (if appropriate)
  • proof of nationality
  • proof of residence
  • a Declaration of Immigration Status (if you are not British, a national of the European Economic Area or Swiss)

A certified translation must be provided with any documents you submit that are written in a language other than English.


Civil partnership fees must be paid when you submit your documents. The amount you pay depends on where you have the ceremony. The basic fees are:

  • Civil ceremony in a registration office - £125
  • Civil ceremony in an approved venue - £297.50

These costs cover the civil partnership notice fees, the cost of a certificate and any basic ceremony or staff costs. Other charges may also apply for civil ceremonies depending on the location or date you choose. Ask your registrar for further details.

What happens next

We'll produce a Civil Partnership Schedule once we've processed your paperwork and are happy that there are no legal reasons that the partnership can't go ahead.

A civil partnership can't take place without the schedule. Our registrar will bring the schedule to the ceremony for you to sign.

Civil partnership certificates

We will officially register the civil partnership afterwards and send you a copy of the certificate when it is ready. The cost is included in our initial charges.

Page last updated: 22/02/17