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Arranging a civil marriage or civil partnership ceremony

Civil marriage and civil partnership ceremonies can take place in registration offices or one of the other approved venues across Dumfries and Galloway.

Registration offices

There are a number of registration offices across the region where you can organise a civil ceremony. Our registrars can check availability and arrange the relevant paperwork for your marriage or civil partnership.

Find your nearest registrar

Authorised venues

Our registrars can also conduct civil ceremonies at authorised venues in Dumfries and Galloway. You should contact the venues to discuss availability and costs but you'll also need to contact a registration office to complete the required documents.

Call 01461 204914 if you'd like to conduct a ceremony at a venue which isn't already authorised. The process can take at least 6 weeks.


The ceremony costs will depend on the location you pick. Basic registration fees are:

  • Registration office - £125
  • Approved venue - £297.50

These prices cover the cost of notice fees, a certificate and our basic ceremony or staff costs. We charge an extra £97 for ceremonies held on a Saturday or an extra £146.50 for public holidays.

Other charges may also apply at certain registration offices, ask your registrar for further details. Approved venues will have additional costs for using their facilities.

Page last updated: 12/08/16